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"People's Mind" A magazine for the psychologist, by the psychologist and of the psychologist will be published from 2021

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Founder Members
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Dr. Deshmukh Kamini

Dr. Deshmukh Kamini, PhD (Counseling psychology), Consultant Psychologist, Medicines Sans Frontiers, Mumbai

Dr.  Gaurav Kumar Rai

Dr.  Gaurav Kumar Rai, PhD (Human factor and Psychophysiology), Department of Psychology
Banaras Hindu University,

Dr. Purushothaman Thiyagarajan

Dr. Purushothaman Thiyagarajan, Ph D (Psychology), Scientist, DRDO, SI Lines, BHOPAL

Assist. Prof. Anand Prakash

Assist. Prof. Anand Prakash, M.Phil (Medical & Social Psychology), Assistant Professor, University of Gondar Ethiopia

Dr. Reena Bhansali

Dr. Reena Bhansali, Ph D (Family Psychology), School Psychologist & Infertility Specialist, Jodhpur

Dr. Nalini Malhotra

Dr. Nalini Malhotra, Ph D (Cognitive Psychology), Department of Psychology, Punjab University, Punjab

Komal Wadhwa

Komal Wadhwa, Clinical Nutritionist, Chennai

Dr. Traymbak Tiwari

Dr. Traymbak Tiwari, Ph D (Psychopharmacology), Cognitive Science Laboratory, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Dr. Natasha Dí Cruz

Dr. Natasha D’ Cruz, Ph D (Clinical Psychology), Expressive Therapist, Life Skill Trainer, Pune

Dr. Malini Srivastava

Dr. Malini Srivastava, Ph. D. Assistant Professor and Biofeedback Therapist, at H.I.H.T. University, Dehradun

Dr. Mamta Chaturvedi

Dr. Mamta Chaturvedi, Ph D (Clinical Psychology), Selection Officer, Sultania Infantry Lines, Bhopal

Dr. Parwinder Singh

Dr. Parwinder Singh, Ph D (Counseling Psychology), Clinical Counselor, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab

Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar, M Phil (Medical & Social Psychology), Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai

Nivedita Das

Nivedita Das, Clinical Psychologist, Counselor , Wish Project, GRASSROOT INDIA, Orissa

Prof. Yammiyavar

Prof. Yammiyavar, Ph D (Engineering Psychology), Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IITG), Guwahati

Dr. Harprit Kaur

Dr. Harprit Kaur, Ph D (Medical & Social Psychology), Department of Psychology, Punjabi University, Patiala

Dr. Sandhya Ojha

Dr. Sandhya Ojha, Ph D (Clinical Psychology), Clinical Practice, Varanasi

Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar, Applied Psychologist, Scientist, Sultania Infantry Lines, Bhopal

Monu Kumari

Monu Kumari, Psychologist, Patna

Balamurali Krishna

Balamurali Krishna, M Phil (Counseling Psychology) Nalam Center for Human Excellence Chennai

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