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"People's Mind" A magazine for the psychologist, by the psychologist and of the psychologist will be published from 2021

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IAHP has a huge member database and the members can be categorized under six groups.

Founder Members

Founder members status has been awarded to 80 members who supported the development       of the academy during our critical launch period and through its formation.  We are proud of them as they stayed with us, encouraged us and guided us towards an international formation. Visit Founder Members Page.

Expert Members

IAHP selects members from its database who will be awarded Expert members of IAHP and these members will stand to voice out the vision and the mission of IAHP. Expert Members will be selected based on their academic track record, professional competence, passion towards psychology, willingness to work for promoting psychology, etc. The Selection will be done by a 10-member crew once in a three months at its National Center Office. Visit present expert members at "Expert Members".

National Members

Members of Indian origin who do not come under the founder member and expert member category.

International Members

Members from countries apart from India who do not come under the founder member and expert member category. Visit International Member Page.

Provisional Members (student members)

Students studying psychology will be awarded Provisional membership and they will be provided with Life time membership status upon submitting the academic completion proof.

Fellow Members

Fellow membership will be awarded to the members of IAHP, who actively participate in the work of IAHP and who demonstrate strong work record towards promoting psychology and psychological services for a period of five years from the date of Joining IAHP.

Associated Associations & Organizations

Organizations and associations affiliated or accredited by IAHP.

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