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Psychology Helpline


: 0 77 08 00 00 40


: help@iahp.in
Or Call our IAHP Volunteers Below

Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury,
Kasturi Polyclinic
Bldg. 15/002, MHADA Oshiwara,
New Link Road, Andheri (West),
Mumbai- 400053, India.
Ph:- +91- 22-26322281
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)
By Prior Appointment Only

Aasra is a crisis intervention center for the lonely, distressed and suicidal, Mumbai. 24 Hour Helpline - 022-27546669
Email: aasrahelpline@yahoo.com
Contact Person: Johnson Thomas,

Roshini Counseling
CALL: 0 40 6666 1117,
040 6666 1118
10 am to 7 pm(Monday to Saturday)
EMAIL: roshni.counselling@gmail.com

Sukrut is a Psychotherapeutic Center guided by a group of Psychologists in Bangalore

SAMVEDA Research and Training Centre
Special education Training, Teacher training and Volunteer placements
E-mail : samveda@yahoo.com
Phone : 91-08192-237057

Dr. Reena Bhansali, Jodhpur
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – School, Family & Infertility Counseling
Email: bhansalireena@gmail.com

HOVI SHROFF MS Mental Health Counseling/Psychology
Specialty – MARRIAGE/DIVORCE, GRIEF & Physical Illness
Email: hovess@aol.com

Dr. Rekha Deshmukh, N.Delhi
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Relationships, Pre & Post Marital, & Parenting
Email: deshmukh.rekha@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  3pm – 5pm

Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Children and Adolescent
Email: richa_arora30@yahoo.co.in
Preferred Timings:  10am – 2pm

Dr. Sarika Mohta, Kota
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Academic and Parenting
Email: dr.sarikamohta@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  3pm – 5pm

Bhambhi Chandresh, Jamnagar
Child Protection Officer
Specialty – Child Nutrition and Family Counselling
Email: bhambhiraj@yahoo.co.in
Preferred Timings:  Saturday and Sundays

Integrated Health Allopathic Practitioner
Specialty – Suicidal, Neurotic & Addictions
Phone: 020 24486573
Email: sangamhealthcentre@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  4pm – 7pm

Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi, Kakinada
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – All types of Clients  
Email: dameravijisos@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  6pm – 8pm
Dr.(Fr.)C.P.Varghese SDB, Bangalore
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Depression, Suicide Tendencies, Addiction.
Email: cpvsdb@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  6pm – 8pm
Nidhi Meher, New Delhi
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Relationship & Geriatric
Email: nidhimeher@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  3pm – 7pm

Kinjal Shah, Mumbai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Developmental and Addiction
Email: shahkinjalcp@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  4pm – 6pm
Lizy Agrawal
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Workplace Issues
Email: lizyagrawal@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  6pm – 7pm
Mahesh G. Matnani, Pune
Specialty – General
Email: mmatnani@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  7pm – 9pm
Neha Gupta, Delhi
Clinical Psychologist
Specialty – Psychological Issues
Email: nehagupta_2009@hotmail.com
Preferred Timings:  11am – 5pm
Hina Murtaza, Kolkata
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Marital Issues
Email: hinamurtaza4@yahoo.com
Preferred Gender:Female / Timings: 11am – 1pm
Bhairavi M. Thakkar, Mumbai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Academic and Parenting
Email: mindspace.tmth@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  10am – 5pm
B.Elayaraja, Chennai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty All kinds of psychological issues
Email: counseling0610@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  3pm – 8pm

Sunayana Agrawal, Kota
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Family and Relationship Issues
Preferred Timings:  9pm – 5pm

Mansee Gupte, Mumbai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Academic and School Related
Email: mansee@therapist.net
Preferred Timings:  5pm – 8pm
Jayanthy Srivathsan, Chennai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Academic and Parenting
Email: jayanthysrivathsan@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  10am – 12pm
Shanaz Begum, Mysore
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – General
Email: shanazmazher@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  10am – 5pm

Prema Kumar, Ooty, TN
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty –Parenting & Family Issues
Email: premabold@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  2pm – 5pm (Sundays)
Aparna M, Navi Mumbai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Children and Adolescent
Email: aparna.makhija@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  10am – 5pm
Preenon Bagchi , Chennai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – General
Email: prithish.bagchi@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  10am – 5pm
Kalyani Biswal, Kendrapara
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – general except Marital
Email: trendy06rach@gmail.com
Preferred Timings: 5pm - 7: 30pm
Garima Gupta
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Females – Career and Relationships
Email: grm.gupta2@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  7pm – 8pm
TVG.Ramanathan, Kochi
Freelance Corporate Trainer
Specialty – School & Infertility Counseling
Email: tvg.ramanathan@gmail.com 
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Relationships Issues
Email: openmindslearning@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  7pm – 8pm
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Counseling
Email: newhp11@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  10am –1pm & 4pm – 7pm
Milaoni Mohan Thakker, Mumbai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Counseling
Email: newhp11@gmail.com
Preferred Timings:  10am –1pm & 4pm – 7pm

Authimoolam, Tirunelveli
Psychological Counselor
Specialty – Counseling

Avril Fernandes, Mumbai
Counseling Psychologist
Specialty – Relationship & Geriatric
Email: avril_m_ferns@yahoo.co.in
Preferred Timings:  4pm – 7pm


You can use IAHP Helpline for questions like :

  • What are the career prospects in psychology?
  • Where can I locate a psychologist?
  • Which specialty will solve my problem?
  • Am I mentally disturbed?
  • Do I need to see a psychologist?
  • My Psychologist is saying this; is that right?
  • Where can I study psychology?
  • How to develop my profession?
  • Where to publish papers?
  • What do I need to be a good psychologist?
  • How to follow ethics in psychology practice?
  • Where to report, if my psychologist is going wrong?

And any question which you find to be relevant and needs to be discussed.

And for any such clarifications, do call our helpline numbers, our team members will be happy to help you.

Please ensure that you dial our numbers for a valuable cause, as the time of our Support executives is precious.

IAHP is the first of its kind to come up with Helpline Numbers and email ids to guide the future psychologists and even the lay man who is in need of psychological services.

Happy to Help You…

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